And Your Quest for the Perfect Electric Shaver Begins…

jason-korwin-my-picHi there! My name is Jason Korwin and I started this website as a hobby to share my experiences with the best electric shavers on the market. I’ve personally tried and tested all sorts of electric shavers over the years and have written many detailed shaver reviews here. I hope you’ll find them useful. Good luck in finding the perfect electric shaver!

A word of advice before I leave you to browse around: Don’t cheap out on electric shavers. They just aren’t the same as disposable razors. A well-constructed electric shaver from a reputable brand can last you several years. It’s well worth investing on a great shaver because A) it’ll save you a lot of pain, money and frustration over time B) you’ll literally enjoy and look forward to shaving, as much as a chore it can be. That’s all I gotta say! Signing off now.

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So How Exactly Do You Choose the Best Electric Shaver/Razor?

When it comes to getting a clean shaver fast, electric shavers perform better in many ways. First of all, they don’t require you to apply any shaving gel or foam, nor do you need to wash it off after wards. Because they come with shaving heads of various lengths, you can actually decide how much hair you want to shave off.

An electric shaver is also incredibly fast and hassle-free. Shaving with a normal shaver can take up to 10 to 15 minutes if you want to make sure you can a clean shave. And quite often you may cut or nick yourself accidentally. An electric shaver will never hurt your skin and they can give you a clean shave incredibly fast.

picture of sexy stubble on a man

Women love sexy stubble. It’s a scientific fact.

Here are some factors to consider when picking the perfect electric shaver.

  • Type of shaver: There are a few main categories for electric shavers. Shavers with rotary or foil heads and wet shavers or dry shavers. Put simply, a wet/dry shaver is waterproof can be used in the shower while you are bathing while a dry shaver can only be used after or before your bath. Rotary electric shavers had round rotating heads while foil electric shavers have a flat rectangular surface.
  • Shaver Technology. There are a lot of fancy shavers out there and Braun and Panasonic shavers have some of the best technology available. Some of them provide up to 10,000 micro vibrations every minute to remove hair and some and have incredible flexing heads which bend easily to fit the curve of your face or neck. And then there are electric shavers with built-in self cleaning capabilities for maximum hygiene.
  • Cordless or corded. For maximum flexibility you want to choose an electric shaver that is cordless because that allows you to move around and not just shave where there is a power socket. However, cordless electric shavers run on battery power which brings us to the next point..
  • Battery charge. The best electric shaver charges very quickly and holds a charge for very long. The length of the charge is important when you travel a lot and don’t want to worry about charging your batteries or shaver every so far.
  • Maintenance. Some electric shavers come with a self-cleaning mode and vacuum which makes maintenance virtually necessary. For instance, they can pump clean fluids automatically to the shaver head and the shaver itself is heated so grease and other dirt is removed. After self-cleaning, the shaver is dried through a heating system. All you need to do is to empty the cartridge when it gets full.
  • Price. Most electric shavers fall between the $20 to $100 price range although some really good shavers go for over $200. Now this is often a major deciding factor for people choosing electric shavers. Coming from personal experience, I highly recommend that you ignore the price factor because a very cheap electric shaver will not satisfy you most of the time. An expensive electric shaver usually has a better build-quality and can last for years without breaking down, unlike cheaper variations.

All in all, the popular and best brands for electric shavers are Braun, Panasonic, Philips and Remington. I’ve tried shavers from all four brands and they have worked magnificently well for my needs. They have a great reputation for producing reliable and high quality electric shavers with the latest technology.

Where Should You Buy Your Electric Shavers?

buy electric shaverElectric shavers are sold in a wide variety of places and you can find them in large departmental stores such as Sears, Walmart or Target. They’re usually found in the Electronics and Home Appliances section. However, I wouldn’t really recommend them as the best places to buy electric shavers. Why? Because there is a much greater selection of shavers online and they are much cheaper too.

Yes, that’s true. Because of my grooming gadget fetish, I’ve looked all over for deals on electric shavers and compared retail store prices to online prices over the years. The prices on are often lower than the retail price, not to mention that free shipping is included in most of the shavers they sell. That means you’ll actually save more money.

Now to be honest, the amount of money you’ll save will vary depending on the particular retail outlet near you but I think online prices will often be equal or much lower than your local store. This is particularly so during the hot holiday shopping season from October to December. Prices in November and December are slashed down even more on Amazon and just about any major online marketplace (Ebay and other online specialty stores are worth checking out as well).

For your convenience, I’ve decided to include direct links to Amazon within all the various reviews. I think this will be very useful because you’ll get to check out the specific shaver, see its current price/discounts and read some of the other customers reviews as well. Even if you don’t decide to buy your electric shaver online, this should help you to really make an informed decision.

In any case, I would definitely recommend buying from Apart from their competitive pricing, they are a very reliable seller with excellent exchange or refund policies. So if a shaver doesn’t work out for you, just return it and get your money back. No hassles, no worries. I’m personally guilty of buying and returning several electric razors myself over the years. All in the name of finding the perfect shaver. :)

So Jason, What Electric Shaver Should I Buy?

Good question! I’ve written a great deal of shaver reviews and you can start by checking out the ‘Reviews’ tab right at the top of the screen. This is helpful if you have a favorite brand or want to browse around.

Alternatively, if you’re short of time or don’t want to read any more than you have to…. click on this link to see my top 5 recommended shavers. I’m pretty sure you’ll find the right shaver in that list.

Thanks again for visiting my website. I spend a lot of time working on it and so please feel free to share it with your friends or loved ones!

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