The Best Electric Shavers for Black Men

electric shavers for black menShaving is one of the daily woes that plague all men and black men have a greater challenge than most. Are there electric shavers for black men that work? Yes, but let’s start at the beginning by looking at the difference between black hair and other hair types.

Black hair is usually coarse and tough. Due to its thick and strong curls, black men are prone to ingrown hair. The trick is to trim the hair not too closely to the root. This helps to eliminate ingrown hairs while preventing razor burns and nicks. This task has been proven to be rather challenging for the traditional manual razor. Quality electric razors for black men are essential grooming tools as they have the power to shave fast while not getting too near the hair roots.

So what’s the best electric shaver for black men? Is there a specific type of electric shaver designed with black men in mind? To be honest, I haven’t seen any specific shavers marketed towards black men. However, it’s pretty easy to determine what makes the best electric razor for black men.

It’s pretty simple. You need a heavy duty high powered shaver with great blades. Preferably something that vibrates and cuts really fast. Small portable electric shavers are just not going to work for black hair. Here are top 3 recommended electric shavers for black men.

Shaving Tips for Black Men

If you are using an electric shaver in the shower, remember to steam or splash the face with warm water to help open up the pores. Use a good shaving gel for a smoother shave. Always shave in the direction of hair growth. Black facial hair tends to grow in a downward direction, so try to shave in a downward direction. Try not to tug or stretch the skin as this causes discolouration.

Keeping the high powered electric shaver clean is also necessary for hygiene purposes. This is especially important for black men who have to deal with the resurgence of ingrown hair from time to time. Ingrown hairs trap more bacteria on the face, which can lead to other problems like acne infections.

To prevent bacteria from festering on the face, it is crucial that you remember to clean the shaver’s shaft and blades with an alcohol solution after each use. Cleaning with an alcohol solution is a necessary step that can help guard against infections from razor burns as well. You can skip this step if your electric shaver comes with a self-cleaning system (which I recommend). Changing the blade’s foil after a few months or less will give consistent shaving results.