Top 7 Best Foil Shavers You Should Be Using

best foil shaver

The miracle of shaving

Electric foil shavers have come a long way, baby. If you’re still using a beat-up old $13 electric shaver you bought from Walmart, you should really consider upgrading. The best foil shavers on the market now come with technology that can provide you with amazingly smooth shaves. No, you won’t get as close a shave as a manual razor but they come pretty damn close. Say goodbye to razor burn and bumpy skin if you’re using a quality electric foil shaver. Say hello to super fast, one-pass shaving you can do anytime, anywhere… not just in the bathroom with a wet face.

I’ve personally used a ton of electric foil shavers over the years due to my embarrassing gadget-fetish. I’ve personally bought and used Braun shavers, Panasonic foil shavers, Remington and Philips-Norelco shavers. You name it, I’ve tried it. Some foil shavers are amazing to use and have found their way into my daily routine while others are pretty awful and not worth buying.

So what’s the best foil shaver out there and which shavers should you consider using? Without further ado, here are my top 7 foil shavers of all time. Click on each of the pictures or links to read my full review of each!

best foil shaver on the marketPanasonic ES-LA93-K Vortex ShaverPanasonic ES-LA93-K Vortex Men’s Shaver. This is without a doubt, the best electric shaver of 2010. The ES-LA93-K Vortex is a marvelous piece of machinery that is reputedly the world’s fastest shaver (14,000 micro-vibrations per minute). So what do I really like about it? The awesome flexible heads that press comfortably against the contours of my face, its sleek black design with cool blue led light, the ultra-thin vibrating foil with four excellent nanotech blades and the fact that its a true wet/dry shaver that performs well in or out of the shower.

best electric foil shaverBraun Series 7- 790cc shaverBraun Series 7- 790cc Pulsonic Shaver. The Braun Series 7- 790cc shaver features revolutionary pulsonic technology, which produces 10,000 micro-vibrations per minute to stimulate and lift hairs, allowing for a closer shave. To increase comfort, the Sensitive Flexing head is designed to contour to your face even in hard to reach areas around the chin, neck and nose. In addition, the shaver stays clean and lubricated thanks to the award winning Clean & Renew system, which operates at the touch of a button. I’ll admit I was a little skeptical about the “Pulsonic” technology, but there’s no question that the added vibration helps in getting a closer shave. And the foil pattern definitely helps to catch hairs that lay flat or grow at odd angles.

best foil shavers Panasonic ES8249S shaverPanasonic ES8249S Arc IV Nanotech Vortex Shaver. This shaver has saved me so much time and money over the past couple of years. How does it save me time? The 4 nanotech blades are huge, making it easy to shave a big area in just one pass. It has a pivoting head that moves to match the contours of my face, making it even easier to get a clean shave in one swipe. Independently floating triple heads with counter directional inner blades get the job done with little fuss. Once I’m done, I save on cleaning time by dropping it in the HydraClean System.

best foil shaversPanasonic ES8243A Arc IV ShaverPanasonic ES8243A Arc IV Nano Men’s Wet/Dry Rechargeable Shaver. This is an excellent budget foil shaver. Why? It works brilliantly. The four blade system in this shaver vibrates at 13,000 rpm and when combined with a thin arc foil, gives you an extremely close shave like no other shaver. I love the design as well. It has a fantastic rubberized grip which makes it comfortable and easy to hold. And since its a wet/dry shaver, I really liked the freedom to mix it up and shave while bathing or sometimes in the toilet right before I have to go out for a social event. The cool thing is that this is really a high quality shaver at a mid-range price ($112). It’s not as costly as other shavers but performs just as well. Highly recommended. Buy it. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

best rated foil shaverPanasonic ES8109S Vortex ShaverPanasonic ES8109S Vortex Wet/Dry Shaver. features Panasonic’s ground breaking Nano Technology, which makes their 30 degree blades the sharpest in the industry and allows the ES8109S to deliver superior cutting performance. The patented motor hums along at over 13000 RPM, and that means no more painful yanking or pulling. This model is also fully submersible so you can use it in the shower or out, and with or without lather. To top it all off, this model comes with a convenient dock that not only charges but cleans and dries your razor so that it’s ready when you are.

best foil shaversBraun Series 3 340 shaverBraun Series 3-340 Mens Shaver. This was one of the first Braun shavers I’ve used, before I upgraded to the famous Braun 7 Pulsonic Shaver. I’ve been getting a great shave from the triple action free-float system.The unique foil is designed to capture hair that grows in different directions, doing a very thorough job with little effort. It has a long battery life, as well as a LED indicator that lets me know when the juice is running low. If you’re a Braun fan and find that the Braun Pulsonic Shaver is too expensive, this cheaper alternative is definitely worth considering.

best foil shaversRemington-MS2-390 shaverRemington MS2-390 Micro screen Men’s Shaver. The MS2-390 is an electric shaver that features 2 titanium micro-screens with Remington’s award winning ComforTouch contour technology. It also has a convenient three position pop-up trimmer and has a long lasting battery than can be fully recharged in an only an hour. It also comes with a handy cleaning brush and deluxe travel pouch. This is a rather cheap and affordable foil shaver. While there are better foil shavers out there, if you are really on a budget this is something you can consider.