How to Compare Electric Shavers

electric shaver comparison compare electric shaverElectric shavers are a favorite of men all over the world because of their convenience and results. They do not require lathering or water, give clean shaves without nicks, are quick and efficient, and can be used anywhere. Unfortunately, in comparison to regular blade razors, they are significantly pricier. It is not unusual to pay nearly $200 for a quality electric shaver. In addition, you must remember that you will also need to maintain these gadgets. You may need to change the battery, as well as the shaving head, every six months to two years– sooner depending on use.

Many electric razor models offer a 30-day trial for you to judge whether or not it is a right fit. Testimonials from men have revealed that shaving by utilizing a different method can initially be difficult to adapt to, and thus adequate time should be given for a proper trial. Personally, I think this is one of the best ways to determine if a shaver is right for you or not. There is the hassle of returning shavers that don’t work well but in the long run, if you are looking to get the best electric shaver for your needs…this is a strategy to consider. In the long run, this will help you to find the perfect type of shaver that you’ll really enjoy using.

Before buying any shavers, try to check if they have a returns policy. Especially if the shaver cost upwards of $200. I am quite sure that major online retailers like have 30 day exchange policies even if the specific shaver brand doesn’t offer such a guarantee: one of the benefits of buying from an established retailer instead of a small retail store.

There are several things to consider when you compare electric shavers: the specific type, preferable technological features, cord versus battery, and price. The first major option is the type of shaver itself. There are wet and dry shavers, and then there are rotary or foil heads. As can be inferred from their namesake, wet shavers can be used in the shower. Dry shavers are not waterproof, and can only be used in a dry condition for fear of electrocution. Rotary heads are round, whereas foil shavers are flat. Depending on how you like your shave and when you like to accomplish this daily task, consider trying different combinations based on a self-evaluation of your habits.

The latest features that electric razor companies have come out with may play a major role in your decision. The newest shavers, blessed with the best technology, can provide hundreds of micro-vibrations every second in ridding your body of hair. The newest features also include shaving heads that can contour to tricky areas, different shave settings depending on skin type, and even built-in cleaning systems and gel dispensers. There will, however, be consumers who find these additional elements unnecessary. Some of the former models could be wise selections if you desire a scruffier look or don’t mind spending extra time shaving.

When you compare electric razors, you should also think about whether you would like to shave on the go or in solely at home. There are certain models with cords, and others that rely on battery. Obviously, if you only shave at home, buying a razor with a cord would prove to be a cheaper and more efficient purchase. You would not have to worry about battery. However, some electric shaver reviews have raved about the convenience of being able to feel as though you have a fresh shave anywhere you go. If you travel a lot, a battery-fueled model would be your best bet, but also be sure to check out comparisons of battery life.

Of course, with today’s economic conditions, price is a major concern. As mentioned before, when you compare electric shavers, the best ones are over $200. These models have the best electric shaver reviews when accounting for lifespan and price of maintenance. On the other hand, the cheaper models can provide you with a similar shave, but can be easily damaged and may require several replacements for both the head and body. Shaver heads run between $15 and $25 depending on the brand, though they often come in packs of three or more.

When making your purchase, compare electric razors based on the qualities listed. Only you truly know what you need, so pick the one that fits your lifestyle best. Feel free to take up the trials– they will greatly aid you in finding the best razor unique to your skin. In addition, there are testimonials from all over the web that will enable you to make the absolute best selection. Remember that above all, these razors will certainly provide you with a better shave than standard blade razors, and you will not regret getting an upgrade in this aspect of your life.