How to Clean Your Electric Shaver

how to clean electric shaver To keep your shaver shaving with consistent quality, it’s important to remember a few cleaning routines that may be performed regularly to enhance the shaver’s performance. Just replacing the blades of an electric shaver can make your shaver remove hair just like the day you bought it! To maintain optimum performance, your shaver should be cleaned after every shave, although once every three shaves is fine as well.

If you’ve got a foil shaver, lift your shaver’s head frame off and carefully brush out what remains underneath with the brush that came with your shaver. Remember to not touch your shaver’s screen, as it is fragile. Underneath the screen lies the cutter. See all the whiskers there? Use your brush to get rid of all the hair that has accumulated after many shaves. If whiskers build up on the blades of your shaver, your device’s performance may be impaired.

If you’ve got a rotary head shaver, lift the head assembly off your shaver’s razor and take your brush to the underside of the cutters of the razor as well as the chamber. Whatever you do, don’t tap the razor head on a counter-top to get rid of whiskers, as this may damage the razor! Every second month, take out each cutter from the razor’s retaining plate, brush off the accumulated whiskers and soak the cutters in a liquid cleaner. Finally, lubricate the cutters.

No matter which shaver type you own, every time you clean your shaver, it is very important to use a lubricant on the shaver screen and cutter metal surfaces. Use a spray lubricant on the shaver’s screen while it is powered on, eliminating any chance of binding any metal. Use lubricant sparingly, so that you will not have to wipe anything off. Next time you shave, you’ll probably notice your shaver’s sound level increase, which is a signal to you that your device is working at its optimum power level.

For a close whisker shave, it is important that you use a cutter that is literally ‘razor sharp’ and a screen that is smooth. After about a year, your screen may become worn and your cutter may become dull. This is a sign that your shaver parts need replacing (although replacing the entire shaver is unnecessary). If you do not replace these parts, you will most likely press harder on your face to get a close shave, resulting in more irritation of the skin. Remember, for optimum results, keep your shaving device lubricated and clean, and replace your shaver’s cutter and screen regularly.