How to Use Electric Shavers the Right Way

tips on using electric shaversA quick, yet close shave, coupled with a lack of any lacerations to the skin, seems to be impossible to achieve for many men. Although the advent of electric shavers seems to have reduced the number of cuts made, these models tend to produce less of a closer shave, although if your shaving is lacking in this area, there are some things you can do to help.

Firstly, you must remember to shave each and every day. Electric razors perform much more effectively while cutting short facial hair as opposed to long hair. It is important to keep that whisker length to a minimum!

Once every four to six weeks or so, perform a comprehensive cleaning routine on your electric shaver. Firstly, run the shaver under water to give the blades and heads a deep clean. Next, brush each blade individually, then use the cleaning solution recommended by the manufacturer to remove any accumulated debris or grease from the blades of the shaver.

If you have a foil shaver, watch out for any holes that may have developed in the shaver foil, as these can cause injury. Before each shave, check the foil for holes. This is important on rotary shavers as well, although holes in this style of shaver are less common.

If your ‘head’ (as opposed to facial) hair is long, ensure that you cut just your facial hair, and not your head hair. Aside from the pain and aesthetic distortion that shaving off your hair may cause, your long hair may clog up the shaver. In addition, when shaving, try moving against the flow of hair on your face – that is, horizontally. If you have shorter stubble hair, stretch whatever hair you may have upright using your fingers. Remember to apply only light pressure, letting your shaver do its job of giving you that close shave. Start in a sensitive area like the neck so that you do not have to come back to these areas while the shaver is heated later on.

If it’s time to replace that electric shaver, buy a new model with an auto-cleaning feature. If possible, purchase a shaver with a gel dispensing feature to reduce skin irritation, although this is not essential (baby powder can help a long way if you frequently get razor burn). After shaving, use some aftershave – not perfume, as this may cause more pain.

For convenience, ensure that your shaver is fully charged at all times. If you are behind schedule in the morning, the last thing you want to happen is for your shaver to run out of power mid-shave! Every six to twelve months, replace the foils from foil shavers, as these can wear over time and cause irritation if used for too long. In addition, cutters should also be changed at the same time as the foils, or as needed. If possible, shave following a long bath, so that your skin is soft and supple, remembering to completely dry your skin before shaving.

If you’re trying a new brand of shaver for the first time, do not immediately dismiss the brand as soon as you feel irritation following the first shave. New brands take time to get used to!

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