Rotary Shavers vs Foil Shavers: Which Should You Choose?

rotary shaver vs foil shaver If you’re in the market for the best electric shaver, you’ll most likely be choosing between the two shaver types, rotary shavers and foil shavers. In order to make an educated decision regarding which shaver type is for you, it is important that you educate yourself on the facts surrounding the two shaver styles.

Foil shavers work by using oscillating cutters covered by mesh foil. When the hairs that need to be removed poke in between the foil’s holes, cutters located underneath the foil of the shaver move rapidly in a ‘sawing’ motion to cut what hair is poking through. If your facial hair grows slowly, try a single-foil shaver, as this will be all that you will need. If you need the blade action to go faster, try a double- or triple-foil shaver.

The foil protects your skin from being lacerated by the shaver’s rotary cutters, so if you want to receive the closest shave possible, it is best to have a very, very thin foil. If the foil is not as thin as possible, you might not get as close a shave as you might have wished.

It is clear that foil shavers perform better in the realm of providing a closer shave. However, if you’ve got a collection of longer hairs that need cutting, it may be best to grab a rotary shaver. If you’re looking for a reliable foil shaver, try Braun, who are known for carrying a comprehensive range of this style of shaver. If a Braun shaver is not for you, you may like to examine Remington or Panasonic models as a possibility.

Rotary shavers consist of three or four round-shaped aluminum heads and spinning cutters underneath. The aim of the heads is to guide facial hair into the cutters for removal. The heads remain raised during the shave, permitting the shaver to easily move across the face. Rotary shavers, unlike their foil equivalents, work in a ‘rotary’ or circular pattern across facial hair. So that the best results are achieved, it’s best to keep the skin taut by pulling the left side of the mouth towards the right side, and vice versa.

This allows the shaver to produce a closer shave, reducing the need for you to shave more frequently! If you’re looking to shave hair from curves or the neck, it might be a better idea to use rotary shavers, as these have been found to work better than their foil shaver equivalents in these areas.

No matter which style of shaver you purchase, you will find that the shaver will reach its optimal level of performance following one full month of regular usage. Initially, your skin may feel irritation during or after shaving with a new shaver. This is because your skin needs to adjust to the new sensation of the rotary and foil blades, especially if you’ve just switched from traditional manual razors.

If you use and maintain your shaver correctly, both rotary and foil shavers provide excellent shaves. Ultimately though, which razor style you choose is down to which style you prefer – not the recommendations of others. Try out both of the shaver styles, as you might find you like both!

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